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Andreea Toma joins the PLUS Change project to represent the young communities of expats between 18-30 years old.

My name is Andreea and I am sustainable designer with background in city planning and sustainability strategies. My current role is focused on social innovation and climate action facilitation at cirka cph, an organisation that aims to support with green transition processes and transformative change.

What community or organisation are you representing in the project?

As an Ambassador of Change, I will be representing the young communities of expats between 18-30 years old.

What motivated you to apply to become an ambassador?

As an expatriate who moved from Romania to Denmark, I experienced firsthand the challenges and discouragements associated with navigating the local citizen engagement and planning processes. Although Denmark has a robust system for participatory activities, these are often not tailored to the needs of newcomers (due to language and cultural barriers).

My motivation to become an ambassador stems from a desire to create meaningful change in this area. I am passionate about making the integration process smoother and more accessible for expatriates and other newcomers. By working on this project, I hope to leverage my experiences to contribute to the development of more inclusive and welcoming participatory processes.

How does your work correspond with PLUS Change?

My work is focusing on social sustainability and inclusivity, therefore I am planning to use our network, location and skills to open up for meaningful discussion and give people a chance to be heard and express their needs.

What are you looking forward to in the coming years?

I hope that this project will become a landmark for future planning projects and inspire policy makes to include voices in city regulations.