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Bintang Prabowo joins the PLUS Change project to represent Svartlamon, an urban ecological experiment area in Trondheim, Norway.

My name is Bintang Prabowo, and currently I am in the final stage of my Ph.D. study in the topic of Urban Heritage Facility Management (UHFM) at NTNU, Norway, and waiting for the defence schedule anytime soon. Prior to my Ph.D., I was a university lecturer at UNDIP (Universitas Diponegoro), in Indonesia. I am also a registered professional Architect acknowledged by DAI (Indonesian Board of Architects). 

What community or organisation are you representing in the project?

I am representing Svartlamon, a small urban ecological experiment area, in Trondheim, the fourth largest city in Norway. Svartlamon is self-organised and runs according to the principles of sustainable environmental solutions, flat structure, transparent finances, low(er) standards and reasonable (cheap) rent, in the middle of the so called “expensive” city of Trondheim. In Svartlamon, the residents are expected to participate actively in the maintenance of the buildings and the neighbourhood. 

What motivated you to apply to become an ambassador?

I would like to introduce the unique way of life of the people of Svartlamon and the distinct land-usage of the area to the project and to the other ambassadors. In this way, we can also learn from this project (and other cases represented by ambassadors) to improve the Svartlamon way of living. 

How does your work correspond with PLUS Change?

Svartlamon, as an urban experimental area, has a unique decision-making process with its flat structure and hardly any hierarchy, including the decision-making processes for land use, which is relevant to the aims of the PLUS Change project. I believe, through Svartlamon case, I can contribute a few distinct insights for the project, through discussions, workshops, writings, and opinion articles. On the other side, Svartlamon can also benefit by learning from the knowledge accumulated by the PLUS Change project.  

What are you looking forward to in the coming years?

I’m looking forward towards a bigger and more focused cooperation between Svartlamon, myself, and the PLUS Change project as my new network.