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Nitra is a city located in western Slovakia in the Danubian Lowland (valley of the river Nitra) and at the foot of the Tribeč mountains, with a population of around 100,000.

Nitra is known as one of the oldest cities in the country, with evidence of human habitation dating back to the Neolithic era. It has also been a political and economic centre of the region since the 9th century. Modern-day Nitra strikes a balance between preserving its historical legacy and natural environment and embracing contemporary development.

Focus area and Challenges

The City of Nitra in Slovakia serves as regional economic centre, acting as a traffic crossroad and holding historical significance for the area. The landscape within the region consists of urban areas, agricultural land, and forests, creating a diverse and complex environment. Nitra faces several core land use challenges, including intensive sub-urbanization processes and land take of fertile agricultural soils for the purposes of new manufacturing and logistic facilities, which impact various aspects such as housing, transportation, and recreation. These activities also contribute to environmental problems concerning soil, air, and water quality, posing a threat to the overall health of the local ecosystems.


Since 2020, the City of Nitra has been working on a new master plan with the aim of piloting innovative approaches to urban and landscape planning. The primary focus of this endeavour is to improve the quality of life for citizens and protect the environment through participatory processes that involve experts from various fields.

The main objectives of the master plan include developing manuals and standards for public spaces, promoting better mobility within the city, and implementing public tenders with well-defined standards. To achieve these goals, the PLUS Change project plays a pivotal role by providing guidance, facilitating participatory processes, and incorporating the perspectives of the city’s residents into the decision-making process. Furthermore, PLUS Change seeks to involve experts and create valuable resources to establish a sustainable and liveable urban environment in Nitra. By combining citizen engagement and expert insights, the city aims to build a future that prioritizes both the well-being of its inhabitants and the conservation of its natural surroundings.