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PLUS Changers in the Spotlight 1: CzechGlobe

Welcome to the first edition of PLUS Changers in the Spotlight. In this series, we introduce each of our partners and their roles within the project. To kickstart the series, we begin by introducing our lead Partner organisation, CzechGlobe.

About CzechGlobe

CzechGlobe is an institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, conducting research on the causes, impacts and solutions to global environmental change. Within CzechGlobe, PLUS Change falls under the management of the Department of the Human Dimensions of Global Change, which is headed by PLUS Change coordinator, prof. Dr. Julia Mildorfova Leventon.

Artistic depiction of transdisciplinarity.

The Department of the Human Dimensions of Global Change focuses on developing societal transformations toward sustainability. Its research revolves around understanding how people, policy, and politics can stimulate sustainability across the realms of climate, biodiversity, and human well-being. Central to the Department’s approach is a dedication to inclusivity, recognising the value of integrating diverse sources and types of knowledge.

Project Role

Within the PLUS Change project, CzechGlobe has three roles. Their first task is to coordinate the overall project. This includes work on administration and management, as well as the scientific leadership and integration across all parts of the project to ensure the project meets its overarching objectives. CzechGlobe also leads the co-creation of roadmaps for strategic change with the Practice Cases, specifically focusing on how to shift decision-making change at the policy and planning levels. Their third role is dedicated to understanding how to stimulate behaviour changes in individual citizens, in order to implement sustainability land use strategies.


For CzechGlobe, the big-picture approach of PLUS Change to land use planning makes the project especially exciting. The project aligns closely with the research focus of their Department, taking an integrated approach to creating meaningful transformative change.

In the words of Project Coordinator, Julia:

“I am also really excited about the diversity across the project team. There are so many different voices and perspectives being brought together through this project. I am sure it will be difficult at times, and we will have to navigate disagreement. But I think we also have enough trust and good will within the team to harness that disagreement towards something really beneficial to science, society and practice.”