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PLUS Changers in the Spotlight 10: KnowlEdge SRL (KE)

In the tenth edition of our series, PLUS Changers in the Spotlight, we introduce Knowledge SRL (KE), an environmental consultancy headquartered in Italy with an international presence.


KE is a consulting company that supports its clients in exploring socio-economic and environmental complexity, in order to inform decision-making for sustainability. KE is a leader in developing customized methodologies and tools for the elaboration of integrated strategies, action plans and investment programs for green economy/green growth.

Project Role

KE’s main role within PLUS Change is to lead the analysis on key policy drivers of future land use change, including the EU’s European Green Deal and Swiss and EU land use and environmental policies. Considering existing and emerging policies and social innovations, KE will assess how to translate policy into actual land use impacts, evaluating how new policies will trigger different causal pathways. Furthermore, KE will develop land systems scenario maps, using a co-creative and multi-stakeholder approach based on Systems Thinking.


KE is excited about the integrated approach of the project, which paves the way for understanding multi-scale land use systems across a diversity of socioeconomic and biogeographical contexts. 

“Our goal is to inform land use strategies and decision-making processes that meet climate, biodiversity and human well-being objectives of sustainability. We can only do this by working together!”