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PLUS Changers in the Spotlight 12: RRA Zeleni Kras

In the twelfth edition of our series, PLUS Changers in the Spotlight, we introduce RRA Zeleni Kras, the practice partner representing the Green Karst region.


RRA Zeleni Kras is a non-profit organisation, established in 2000, that operates as a regional development agency. As a coordinator of regional interests at the local and national levels, RRA is a permanent partner in the dialogue between ministries, municipalities, companies and other development partners. It acts as a partner in various EU programs and development projects, through which it aims to contribute to overcoming regional challenges and improving the quality of life.

Project Role

RRA represents the Green Karst region, a predominantly rural area with vast forests. As a development agency and project partner, RRA considers proactive land use management and gaining social acceptance of necessary land use changes as their main challenges. Leveraging their experience in regional coordination and engagement with diverse stakeholders, they are committed to actively contributing to the project and will utilise its outcomes to inform future spatial planning.


RRA eagerly anticipates engaging with individuals from their region as part of the project. They are also enthusiastic about exploring the diverse range of communication tools and strategies for engaging stakeholders effectively, hoping to witness increased enthusiasm and involvement from participants.

“Looking forward to this cooperation in the frame of our first HORIZON project, through videos and stories and some serious planning!”