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PLUS Changers in the Spotlight 5: Centre for Systems Solutions

In the fifth edition of our series, PLUS Changers in the Spotlight, we introduce the Centre for Systems Solutions (CRS).


Centre for Systems Solutions (CRS) is a non-profit organisation with the mission of linking theory and practice by applying diverse ranges of systems tools. Their interdisciplinary team of experts implements international and local projects in the realm of broadly understood sustainability. The organisation is a leading developer of social simulations and serious games on disaster risk, climate change, land and resource management, and other sustainability-related topics.  

CRS uses systems science as well as knowledge management tools and methods to functionally integrate the diversity of perspectives from businesses, governments, NGOs, and citizens. Their goal is to develop new flexible and innovative tools to foster practice that respects both scientific analysis and public discourse.   

Project Role

CRS joins the project to strengthen its engagement dimension and support partners and stakeholders in active participation in the discussion of transformation pathways towards sustainable land use.  

CRS will work with project stakeholders in co-created policy simulations to explore possible strategies or “pathways” of transformation to sustainable land use embedded in a range of external scenarios (e.g. shared socioeconomic pathways). Within these scenarios, stakeholders use their knowledge and available data in a deliberative manner to develop pathways that can lead them to desirable futures, identify challenges, seek solutions, and negotiate trade-offs.  

Overall, these tools will develop effective communication and cooperation skills and support the arena for the co-creation of policies, as well as the mindset and behavioural change that may lead to system transformation.  


CRS is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with partners in academia, arts and society in general, engaging them in a process of co-creating impactful pathways of transformation towards sustainability!

“Tell me and I forget, 

Show me and I may remember, 

Engage me and I will understand.”