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PLUS Changers in the Spotlight 9: University of Ljubljana (UL)

In the ninth edition of our series, PLUS Changers in the Spotlight, we introduce the Landscape as a Living Environment research group, from the University of Ljubljana (UL), in Slovenia.


The Landscape as a Living Environment research group, part of the University of Ljubljana’s Department for Landscape Architecture, focuses on the interplay between landscapes and society. Their research spans landscape design, green infrastructure, urban transitions, tourism, regional planning, participation and governance. Their goal is to offer insights into future landscape possibilities and support the creation of strategies for a sustainable society.

Project Role

The UL offers expertise in participatory scenario planning and land use change trajectories. They will utilise the diversity and wealth of information from the Practice Case scenarios to integrate and upscale them to EU-wide scenarios, using innovative methods for understanding and aligning different spatial development visions.


UL is excited about the strong synergy between practical and academic partners in the PLUS Change project, and is eager to explore the results and innovative ideas emerging from such a synergy. The project’s diverse practice cases offer a unique opportunity to analyze land use changes across various EU contexts, providing key learnings applicable to wider European regions.

“The future needs to be planned, and we need scenarios to understand how our decisions today will shape the future we will live in.”