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Surrey is a county located in the southeastern part of England, United Kingdom. It is known for its green spaces and a mix of urban and countryside living. It contains 1.2 million people and covers an area of 1663 km2.   

Focus area and Challenges

The county of Surrey, UK, faces diverse land use planning challenges. Key challenges include the need for effective community engagement and overcoming land fragmentation and issues related to multiple ownerships. Preserving the green belt while accommodating urban growth presents also a significant challenge, and decisions about development costs and brownfield remediation versus greenfield expansion require careful consideration. Flood risk and flood plain management, water management, and habitat protection are essential concerns, alongside biodiversity preservation and species management. Additionally, addressing air quality and transportation issues, particularly around Heathrow and Gatwick airports remains vital. 


In Surrey, the key objectives revolve around addressing the climate emergency through adaptation and mitigation measures and ensuring sustainable land use practices. Additionally, there is a focus on improving connectivity within Surrey and establishing better links between strategically important hubs to enhance transportation and accessibility. The region also aims to enhance the appeal and offerings of its towns and urban areas, and to reinforce collaboration among stakeholders to achieve sustainable development. Finally, there is a commitment to invest in natural capital and deliver nature recovery initiatives.