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PLUS Changers in the Spotlight 17: the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation (JINAG)

In the seventeenth edition of our series, PLUS Changers in the Spotlight, we introduce the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation (JINAG), lead partner for the practice case of the South Moravian region, in Czech Republic.


Founded in 1997 by the Euroregion Pomerania and the South Moravian Regional Chamber of Commerce, and joined by the South Moravian Region in 2002, the Regional Development Agency has been supporting the South Moravian Region’s municipalities in development and innovation. In May 2022, it transformed into the South Moravian Agency for Public Innovation, JINAG. JINAG’s focus is on enhancing the efficiency of municipal, government, and social services through innovative tools, participatory planning, and interdisciplinary approaches. They assist local municipalities in sustainable development and energy efficiency, using SMART tools to improve territorial serviceability and transportation networks.

Project Role

In the PLUS Change Project, JINAG represents the South Moravia Practice Case, leveraging their expertise in land use and strategic planning. They will help reshape relationships between regional governments, development agencies, and policy-makers. JINAG’s work will inform climate adaptation measures at the regional level and influence national policies on brownfield regeneration and climate biodiversity.   


JINAG is most excited about the extensive involvement of Practice Cases in every facet of PLUS Change, using Systems Thinking to see how each practice case connects to the project’s overarching goals. They are particularly thrilled about identifying and cultivating potential synergies between practice cases.   

“As a regional innovation agency, our participation as a practice case allows us to effectively share valuable insights and information from our region with the project, making this aspect of PLUS Change particularly exciting for us.”